Linda Lindsey

Friend of WC

“I wouldn't be here if not for Weatherford College. My parents Ara Dell Bass and Borden Seaberry (both of whom were Weatherford College graduates) were introduced at the 1944 Weatherford College reunion. They were married three months from that date on June 9, 1944, and I arrived August 24, 1945; James Doss was their best man as was his son Jimmy in my wedding. My late husband, Michael Lindsey, was a Weatherford College graduate as well.

However, I do have a favorite Weatherford College memory. As a high school senior in 1963, I joined the Weatherford College acting troupe under the direction of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Reynolds. Circumstances gave me the comic lead of ‘Naughty Nancy’ in the musical ‘Little Mary Sunshine.’ My boyfriend (at the time, later husband) played opposite me in the role of ‘Billy.’ It was a super experience and culminated with a moonlight swimming party for the cast at my home on Oyster Hill. Dr. and Mrs. Reynolds have stayed close to us, and we correspond frequently. So, though I never attended, I have many great memories.

A lasting one is that if I went to anything at the college with Mother, she was asked to lead ‘Old Black and Gold.’ On the last occasion when her dementia was beginning to take hold, she started singing ‘Blue and White’ instead. The audience just fell right in singing what she was. She never realized her mistake. I have always felt a part of the Weatherford College family, and Weatherford College has definitely been a part of mine.”


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