Bob Guess

Attended WC, 1968-1970

“My memories of WC have to begin with my dad. He was on the Board of Trustees from 1963 to 1986 and was involved in the decision to move the campus from South Main to ‘The Hill.’ He was very proud of both the decision and the design of the campus. That pride, unfortunately, was offset by sadness over the college’s inability to retain the old campus and the subsequent sale and demolition of all of the buildings except the classroom building. He told me that in an effort to keep the old campus intact, it was offered to the city as a possible site for City Hall (the classroom building) and a museum (Old Main) in return for a certain number of years of free water and electricity for the new campus. The city turned them down.

Ours was the first class to attend both years on the new campus. The first day of classes was chaotic. The parking lot had not been paved and people were parking anywhere they could find an open spot. It also rained – hard. Soil had been spread and hydro-mulched with Bermuda but it had not yet germinated. Mud was everywhere, and we spent a lot of time avoiding it every time it rained that fall and into the spring.

Two incidents stand out. The first involved Randy Bruna (Weatherford) and Kyle Etheredge, one of the counselors/instructors. One morning during the spring semester of ’70 the story was all over the campus that Randy, who was President of the Student Senate, had told Mr. Etheredge to go to hell and then walked out of class. It turned out that the two of them had set up the entire scene as an exercise for the class.

The second was our candlelight graduation. It was held in the auditorium at Weatherford High School. An electrical transformer supplying power to the high school burned up and with no alternatives available on such short notice, someone found a large number of candles and the ceremony went on as scheduled. My dad presented me with my diploma.”

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